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................................................................ I for sure will be posting exciting new things straight from the source whenever I get the chance regarding Disney. I am the author of Don't Wake Me Up, and am sorta known for my Disney Mash Ups! (links below) My ask box is always open if you want to know anything about the Disney company, face characters, cast members, or the parks. I also give great friend and relationship advice if you are ever in need.


ghostersaurus asked
Hi Jessica, it's nice to see you back in the Tumblrverse. I hope life has been treating you ok. Now that you're back, do you have any plans to continue Don't Wake Me Up? I was really enjoying it and would love to read more if you do. Cheers!

I am quite back! My girlfriend is going to school at AU in DC, 2,710 miles away so I kind of have more time again? We are doing long distance so that’s rough. I’m back on tumblr more as a distraction more than anything else?

I’ve had a crap ton of people ask me about dwmu since I’ve been back…and I honestly don’t know - let me get settled in with this semester’s classes and work and everything and I’ll see if I have enough time.


'i write sins not tragedies' came out in 2005 nine years ago and i only just realized that they need to close the god damn door because she was cheating on her husband with the door open

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Anonymous asked
Do you know any face characters who are Whovians???

Random question lol

No?? I don’t get personal chats with a lot of them, only friends that I know. If I had to generalize id say that a lot of cast members are whovians including yours truly and a jungle cruise skipper I once dated